FFXIV: 10 Things I would love to see in Island Sanctuary!

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33 thoughts on “FFXIV: 10 Things I would love to see in Island Sanctuary!”

  1. I was very dissapointed when I learned that the Otter fountain is only made by a very talented crafter, it's either that or buying on the MB. Yoshi P promised the island wouldn't be dependant on that :c

  2. It would be awesome if they introduced net fishing for the Island, and a shipyard to build boats. I mean, you're in high waters, why not sail on them in your own fishing boat while gathering fish with a basic sea fishing tool?

  3. I like a lot of your ideas. If no retainer bell on the island, put one in Moraby Dry Docks. I'm lazy too! I was so excited when the Island came out and now I forget to even go there most days. I still like it, but the excitement is definitely diminished.

  4. It may be dull but yes! So many times have I wished I could have my retainer bell so I could just sit in my island and craft all day. But nope, gotta teleport to my house to get to my bell the teleport back. Yes I could craft at my house (and do in point of fact), but I like crafting on my island as well.

  5. I love the idea of npc visiting your island, maybe even take it a step further and have the npc give gifts for visiting your island and stuff. Its always so cool to see special events with certain npcs. Also I want the outfits now so I can make my paissa into a messiah. lol

  6. Meoni… Hear me out: Paissa fights. Maybe with the ability to bet on which Paissa will win using cowries. All they need to do is get a Namazu-themed mammet in there with a pair of trained fighting Paissa. It could be just like the Paissa fights from the Namazu tribal chain.
    The Aetheryte probably won't work since it is effectively instanced but why can't we just queue up to teleport in there from everywhere like the Gold Saucer's Triple Triad room?
    Also, about the pirate treasure hunt: I want there to be MINES and SEA-CAVES. Give me a set of tunnels and caverns within that mountain, rich with colourful corals and glowing crystals. A whole Satasha-like old hideout under the island, maybe with some native Sahagin who want the same as we do, to chill out and have fun. That could come with an underwater version of the Spyro-like flight minigame, using, I don't know, a shark? And fishing/spearfishing against a Sahagin for cowries, to see who can catch the most fish in a limited amount of time. Drinking minigame?

    Also I want more customization outside the main base camp area. A little campfire and boat on the beach? Maybe some more flowers for the meadows, or colourful glowy cosmetic crystals/mineral veins sticking out of the rock of the mountain.
    And for in the basecamp: I want a garden. One where you can grow pretty flowers and plants for sheer aesthetics' sake, maybe for customizing various parts of the island itself. That or let us customize the theme of the island in general. Snowy Ishgard island? Extra tropical Costa Del Sol style? Evergreens? Il Mheg style flowery? Shroud style forest-ey? Thanalan desert style where it's all beachy sand and rock with cacti? Garlean metallic stuff? Miniature Amaurot style city? Crystarium style? Doman style? Dravanian ruins? OPTIONS. I WANT THEM ALL.

  7. Personally, it will always be give us a single plot of land on our Island where we can build a small, medium, or large house in it. It is our own personal island so it should naturally allow for the WoL to build his own home here as a get away from their normal home or be our own personal home.

  8. The main thing that makes the island boring for me is that you come to it to do the exact same actions in the same exact sequence every day, making it a chore. The second issue imo is that everything is pretty much.. fake ? It doesn't feel alive because there's no physicality to the place, for example buildings are just tokens that grant you access to an npc where you manage abstract numbers, you don't engage with them in any way.

    What would I suggest, then ? Squadron 2.0. A bit like the business management sim in Yakuza 7 or the Kingdom management gameplay of Ni no Kuni 2, you'd be able to recruit NPCs that are good at different things (mining, harvesting, selling, wrangling, crafting, you name it), from all over the world and/or via applications like the squadron system (side characters from the different job quests for example ?). You would then assign those NPCs to the different buildings on your island and see them actually do the work, maybe they would have random small missions to give you, simple dialog lines, but it would make it more like an actual place, and more importantly : your place, that you made, because all islands are pretty much exactly the same in the current game.

  9. What about an island hammock? Like, we put up a seat tied to 2 palm trees that we could place where we want.
    Ofc, should be 3 versions – 1 for island sanctuary, 1 for outdoor house, 1 for indoor house

  10. You know, when i unlocked flying recently i checked the waterfall to see if theres a hidden "dungeon-tunnel behind it" that has rock salt materials for examble, sadly theres no secret passage or dungeon anywhere xD

  11. Having an aetherite or some means to get there directly wouldn't invalidate AFKing into lower limsa.
    It's not like the game is remembering where you were prior to going to the island (since you can log out there). It's simply dumping us back at the docks by default.

    I would love if released minions went to random base areas, and were not stuck to the one spot I assigned them. If it's not feasible to have them wander, then an option to have them be assigned randomly each time you visit – like how the captured animal spots are randomised.

    Speaking of the captured animals, they need shelter. It's bordering animal abuse to keep them locked in an barren open air pen 24/7, rain or shine.

  12. My idea is could be a great opportunity to resurrect the Adventurer Squadrons. Set up a barracks, have a small dock for them to depart on explorer missions or patrols. And it would be immersive if ones that aren't on missions just chill around your settlement. Reading and sipping tea in the cabin, bathing in the bathhouse, admiring the pasture animals, or looking out from the lighthouse top. Populate the island!

  13. In Lost Ark, you have your own sanctuary island and you can bring the Npc's you have max rapport points (dating simulator), the sad thing is that when you put them in your island they are just cosmetics, you can't talk or interact with them in any form. I think SE can do that and better, make some type of progression quest with some Npcs and when you max that progression you will have a chance for them to visit you on your island and make a chill with the NPC quest where you can play with them, chat with them and maybe learn something more about them that doesn't mess with the MSQ, like how was Estinien's training, whats Alphinaud most embarrassing moment as a student, does Than red smoke? Or Top 10 ways to kill Lyse featuring Y'shtola and Urianger as special guest star. That would be cool.

  14. I do like the prospect of mini games and NPCs visiting your sanctuary. Perhaps you can have mini games tied to specific NPCs visiting your island? Like the Sky Pirates Leofard and the Redbills show up and you can have an flying mount race or a treasure hunt.

  15. While less useful once you unlock flying, having a zip line or trolley system that can essentially be used for fast travel would be nice. I remember when I had to run to the opposite side of the island for a rare and missing the window.


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