ALL Job Changes in 6.1 – FFXIV Patch Notes

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📝 6.1 Patch notes complete
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0:00 Intro
0:36 PLD
1:59 WAR
2:37 DRK
4:12 GNB
4:22 MNK
4:44 DRG
5:19 NIN
7:20 SAM
10:44 RPR
10:53 BRD
11:16 MCH
11:32 DNC
12:21 WHM
14:15 SCH
14:59 AST
15:20 SGE
16:04 other notes
16:21 Outro


23 thoughts on “ALL Job Changes in 6.1 – FFXIV Patch Notes”

  1. I hate the cone changes to war and sam…kinda boring having everything just be a circle or single target. It feels like a tiny step in the direction of World of Waccessibility where I kinda feel like there should only be 5 or 6 classes.

  2. Losing Kaiten is a massive blow to samurai's kit – not only does it reduce kenki to basically just a Shinten/Kyuten gauge, but is also means Midares will be way less satisfying. Patch notes say they're nerfing Midare from 660 to 600, but it's now a guaranteed crit. Ok, so let's say your crit rating is high enough that your crits mean +60% damage, then your new 600 potency Midare is now basically just a guaranteed 960 potency hit…but the old 660 potency Midare buffed by Kaiten was a guaranteed 990 potency hit, so our new "guaranteed crits" will be doing less than we were used to seeing even from non-crits.

  3. At 6:15 how is that remotely iconic? There is no unique icon for ‘trick attack’. I will bet you anything that the same debuff icon will pop up upon mug application. The party is only going to be concerned that the NIN is doing its job putting that pretty icon up on the mob hp bar, the name of the skill that stuck it there notwithstanding.

  4. Dang. I was looking forward to your video on these changes to hear your thoughts on Summoner's Ifrit buff and Searing Light origin point change, but didn't even mention it at all in the video. 😅

  5. The big positive (or negative, for the masochists) for NIN…there's no shame hat for Mug.

    Also, the SAM changes irk me as DNC main. Like, even if the class keeps its current spot on the dps charts, there are at least 5 other options who will benefit as much from all the other buffs AND still get something out of devilment, which will now mean virtually nothing for the SAM players. And Kaiten was just a fun, feel-good dps go brr button.


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