2 Bards, different songs, What happens?! | FFXIV Mythbusters

That stunlock Dusk Vigil Mechanics, Multiple bards with different songs, and multiple other myths demonstrated on this episode of FFXIV Mythbusters!

Videos mentioned in this one:
Mythbusters 1 on Healing Magic Potency: https://youtu.be/2rbtQdAukuc
Mythbusters 5 on Standard Finish: https://youtu.be/fWWzG4gaPi8
Mythbusters 11 on Dragon Sight stacking: https://youtu.be/ZnwoTD0I0b0

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00:00 Intro
00:36 (1) “Stack for Dusk Vigil’s First boss’ stuns to stop them!” (FALSE)
02:21 (2) “Kardia Snapshots healing bonuses!” (FALSE)
04:38 (3) Is Kardia Spell Healing or Not?
06:48 (4) What happens if Multiple Bards play different songs simultaneously?
09:23 (5) Bozja/Eureka: Does Haste affect Auto Attacks, DoTs and HoTs?
12:52 (6) “Byakko interacts very weirdly with Diamondback” (TRUE)
15:03 Outro
15:42 Fun Fact


26 thoughts on “2 Bards, different songs, What happens?! | FFXIV Mythbusters”

  1. Hey that's me lol. I do believe the stun negates diamond back from effectively blocking the damage. Even gobskin gets negated cause he still does the same damage on the second slam. I'm wondering if the slam is fixed damage.

  2. The removal of Diamondback by the slam makes sense because your physical location changes when the effect resolves, and the effect of Diamondback is supposed to root you in place, sorta like AST's Bubble. Its been a while since I last played BLU, but I remember there being an issue where if you try slidecasting Diamondback, it breaks. Try Testing if AST's bubble breaks to state of shock and we'll have an answer.

  3. Things I learned, having played since the late HW days…. The Mammoth Rout is a stack. o.O I had always wondered WTF you were supposed to do if the healer just happened to be unlucky and got hit with everything. As a tank I would toss what mitigation I could at them. As the healer being hit, I would try to have shields up first.

    Never knowing it was a stack on the Rout before, it suddenly makes sense and doesn't feel as completely unfair as it did. XD

  4. In deep dungeons, a pomander of strength DOES only boost healing magic by 30%, not all healing actions. Might be helpful info for testing things related to this! (More noticeable difference than needing to grab a SCH buddy every time testing healing magic boosts)

  5. The mammoth is the funny way it is thanks to the powercreep over the years. It does its stun mechanics based on HP percentages, and as a result while one person is getting stunned, the others can bring it down enough that it instantly starts another stun attempt. I think it's supposed to be random target, but it does tend to chainstun people xD (Here's a myth for ya: The RNG in this game favours chains of outcomes)

  6. 2:04 to be fair everybody is dead through that combo unless he gets heal or other support like shields … scholar has "the best" chance to survive cause of the fairy … maybe the barrier from scholar or sage could also deal with the problem never tried that just came in my mind now ;D but never knew the last one is a stack mechanic … nobody use it like one … and the game doesnt tell you at all ..

  7. I was doing Dusk Vigil the other day on astrologian. That boss stunned me for every single hit. I had just enough time to get myself with an oGCD to avoid dying before being immediately stun combo'd again.

  8. does being in diamondback count as a stun (since you cant move or do other actions) so when byakko removes the stun effect of its grab it also removes the diamondback effect?

  9. Actually, one of those mechanics in dusk vigil (90% sure its the stun, but it could be the knockback) only go off if the person targeted by them takes damage, a lucky crit adlo can stop the chain stun.

  10. Im sure its probably not the case, but could the bard song swapping be related to your auto attacks somehow?
    And Im only basing this off of the fact the songs require a target (for now, thank you Dawntrail)

  11. I've always said the worst DPS pairing in dungeons (and pretty much anywhere) is two bards. Although the songs alternate, I don't see it really changes anything.

  12. The fun fact on this answered the question I had about bard songs after hearing that one. I was wondering what do you do if you have two bards? I guess ideally play different songs, as you’re probably only likely to see that in casual content? If not, then I guess wanderers minuet is the one you want to run under raid buffs and otherwise run the opposite song?

    This is way outside of my skill level for playing bard but it’s interesting nonetheless!

  13. Good to know the bard songs pulse every few seconds. Kinda wonder why they went that route with their party buffs, instead of just letting them stack. But I suppose that's something we'll never know unless they tell us. Guess it really does mean: use the same song, or fight with other bards over which buff the party has the longest. Who can turn their volume up loudest?


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