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Hi everyone! in todays video we are reacting to β€œ15 Years of WoW vs 1 Year of FFXIV” By Jesse Cox! It was so informative, really a 10/10 video! Please let me know your thoughts and please go show Jesse some love! 🫢✨

Jesse Cox Channel: @jessecox
The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T-mcLYBnKc

Here is the links to our discord server: https://discord.gg/XDh8QrPqbd ✨🌱

β˜… What server are you playing on?
– EU – Alpha

✿ FAQ ✿
β†’ What are you playing on?
β€’ In this video it’s on my pc

β†’ Where is the music from?
β€’ They are all from Artlist

β†’ What is your setup?
β€’ Two monitors and my pc. Usually the one of them is connected to my switch. I want a third one, just for the switch

β†’ What games do you play?
β€’ I mostly play wow and ff14 + switch games like acnh

β†’ Where are you from?
I am from Denmark

β™‘ Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you game too or have suggestions to fun games β™‘

✽ Filmed with a Canon EOS M50
✽ Edited in VLLO


23 thoughts on “15 Years of WoW vs 1 Year of FFXIV (@jessecox) – | LilCozyGamer Reacts”

  1. Well that was a beast of a video you choose. Glad you liked it and made you even more sure about playing more of the story!

    Going to be honest here: with your pace you got YEARS worth of content in the main story alone!
    Then there is every job to max level and their own story (this includes crafting and gathering jobs)

    Every endgame cap (A realm reborn, heavensward etc etc) got 2 different raid series with a complete story to follow (one of which is required to do to proceed with the main story anyway)
    Doing these raid stories will actually fill the world with more characters later in the main story as a quick acknowledgement about it.

    you will learn about it later (kinda) but to sum it up. The big PVP (Frontline) is the 3 nations of Eorzea holding big sparing matches where they hire adventures (players) to fight for them in different modes that changes each day. Another big PVP mode is Crystalline Conflict which is a classic 5v5 push the object into the other player's side of the map, it's a more competitive mode like the arena in WOW and also has a ranked system.

    yup! you can buy a class skip and a story skip. People usually look down on those who buy them if it's their first time playing the game.

    That's an Au ra they are more lizard people than dragon but was meant to be a dragon in the beginning. You can choose to play one from the beginning if you got the heavensward expansion. Also it's my main race so I'm totally biased towards it.

  2. SO THAT IS WHAT A HUNT TRAIN IS!?? πŸ˜‚ I heard people in the Link Shell talk about it, and I had no clue what it was… Man… It's so hard for me to wrap my head around, that such a thing exists in a MMO… PEOPLE ARE THAT COORDINATED TO HELP EACH OTHER IN FFXIV??? πŸ˜‚

    I come from 5-6 years of WoW, and have only just gotten into FFXIV 5 days ago… And it's SO WEIRD to feel the difference in community.

    I gave FFXIV a small change a year ago, where I played it for a few days, and the FIRST THING that happened when I logged in, was a player traded me 10k Gil… πŸ˜… Just out of the blue because he saw a sprout icon on me… Had that been WoW as a new player… people would have gotten upset JUST because they got in a dungeon group with me. πŸ˜‚ In WoW you HAVE to actively say "hey I'm new, so please bear with me", otherwise the flood gates to toxicity starts. πŸ˜…

    I have played A LOT of FFXIV for the past 5 days now… And I have had such a hard time describing why it felt so different from WoW. I think this video covers it really well, and helps me understand why the two MMOs feel so different from one another.

    When I log into WoW, you have to know exactly what you wanna do in-game, and you have to mentally prepare myself yourself to either ignore other players so they don't bother you, or be ready to argue with them over stupid silly unimportant things. WoW players act like they HATE playing with others… while at the same time playing a MMO…?? πŸ˜… Being grouped up with another player who is friendly in WoW, feels like winning the lottery. πŸ˜…

    Where as with FFXIV… I feel like I can log in without having anything specific in mind, and just have a fun cozy (no pun intended) time. 😊 The story is great, and I finally after 5 days of playing got out of my WoW "you gotta skip quest text" mentality. πŸ˜‚ I'm just relaxing and having a good time, and other players are super nice and "calm" (aka not angry all the time 🀣).

    The FFXIV community act like they all live on one big cozy island, where you enjoy each others company. Where as WoW players live on separate islands, and other players BETTER play the game EXACTLY the same way as them, or they are ***** idiots! πŸ˜… And they WILL let you know what a @&%!?$ &%!? you are in a private whisper, JUST because you play the game more casually than them. πŸ˜‚

    So yeah… WoW has given me this weird expectation that whenever I play a online game, then I need to be ready to "fight" another player at any point, when they start being toxic. πŸ˜‚ So it really takes me by surprise when I log into FFXIV, and I have yet to encounter toxicity… It's like my brain can't quite believe it's real. πŸ˜…

    I'll conclude this comment by saying that I'm really happy Cozy got me into FFXIV, because I can feel it "healing" my "MMO brain", and makes me reconsider how I personally also act towards other players in WoW. πŸ™‚ (yes I can get toxic too when I encounter frustrating players πŸ˜‚)

  3. Commenting while watching.

    At the rate you are going, it will take you years to get to the Endwalker content. And that's okay! There's no need to rush it. So, don't worry about running out of content in the late game. Besides, there is a LOT of side content that isn't about the main story. For example, chocobo racing, Triple Triad, hunt marks, Deep Dungeons (which can be done solo), relic weapons for each expansion, the blue mage job (which is a sort of side quest in itself – you learn monsters' abilities by witnessing them perform it, then you can use it yourself), levelling crafters and gatherers, PVP (you might like Frontlines, which is 24 versus 24 versus 24, so there's not as much pressure on you while learning), tribal quests, custom deliveries, and more. There's a lot of content that isn't directly tied to the main story or endgame raiding. And I mean a LOT. And much of it can be done solo if you want, meaning there's little pressure. You can learn it at your pace.

  4. This is why I don't recommend you to react to videos this soon.
    Even if it's just white noise and you don't really know what's happening, seeing some of the scenes from the game can really effect the final impact they have.
    But you're so early in the story that you might forget what's even happened here.

    Still I fully recommend you to not watch these things.

  5. Don't worry about there not being anything outside of the MSQ. There's sooooooo much to do, the mountfarms are there. There's trains of people going to do the same objectives, there is raids and such. But almost all of it is optional. You will never feel like you will have to log-in to get a mount or to get something specific.

    The game is entirely based on the fact that people have other things to do, but for those that like the grind, there is more specific things as well, but without it feeling like you must do it every day.

  6. Yes this video has so many spoilers please forget everything asap πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™. You saw nothing you just listened to Jesse yup totally. Omg I still remember Jesse asking about that tail and the devs going "Iunno" lol πŸ˜‚.

    PS: For the Horde!! >)

  7. After MSQ you still have crafting questlines, gathering questlines, tribal questlines, side quests, alliance raid quests, raid questlines, relic quest lines…. you do NOT have to worry about going empty of content, I can tell you that. And when, by and by after some years you're done with all the content that's already in the game (and caught up with everything new that's come since you started) you still have so much to do. You love RP and you haven't even gotten into that yet! FFXIV have a thriving RP scene, so if you want to throw yourself into that then there's even more hours of content. Nothing is ending here <3

    …. And yes, Godbert is indeed daddy

  8. Cozy, dont worry. It took me a solid 8 months of Constant daily logging in and playing for entire days to finally reach that "to be continued" portion. And then there is plenty of other stuff to grind and do. Theres always a new glam I want, and it usually involves older content. Also mounts to farm, mats to farm, relics to grind, special zones to do, 3 deep dungeons and then if you want, try to clear an ultimate l…

    Also Au-Ra's are dragon-esque. they have scales and a tail.

  9. To be fair, all your points that you want to do can be your endgame once you caught up with the msq in ffxiv. The endgame of ffxiv is vast and it depends person. You're also correct on the acronym for MMO and RPG.

  10. I used to play on an RP server in WoW as well, Wyrmrest Accord, and met so many good friends there during it. Personally I think Jesse has it spot on, WoW especially now is built strictly to be an MMO where you grind out gear and achievements and other numbers and the rpg elements have taken a further and further back seat over time and one of the biggest factors that pushed me away from it.

  11. Your worry about if there is enough content to make videos after MSQ. I have followed many streamers and dropped them when they finish the story. It's real problem for content creators who are riding only on MSQ.. but(!) to be honest… it's total paradox in case of your channel. First of all, it will take years to do MSQ at this pace.. this alone should prove that people are not here just for MSQ. This channel has something more and unique than just offering reactions to story of game. If we are getting really good mood while watching someone running around forest in game without actually doing really nothing for long time… it's not about story then, is it?
    Be yourself, Do what you want to do, this is your channel.
    This was great video. It made lots of talk here and Discord, I think it hit some kind of spot. πŸ˜€ Thanks for making it!

  12. Don't worry too much about endgame and what to do just yet because there's still hundreds of hours of gameplay before you get there and the game will ease you into the content slowly.

  13. If you are not so good at remembering things that's ok. Dark Knight might actually be really good fit for you once you get to it.
    Now I will try to scare you. At max level the standard opener is 25 buttons long and takes 20 seconds. Do not worry! Most of that can be free form!
    The only thing that actually "matters" is that all the buttons get pressed. The order they get pressed is not super important.
    A lot of the other jobs really don't like it when you mess up the order of your buttons.

  14. Now that the anger has died down, everyone has stopped "posting pictures of their new girlfriend to make the ex-girlfriend jealous" and people have had time to digest and process their feelings, it breaks my heart to see all the WoW players so conflicted. Its not just a game for you, its a core part of your identity and memory. We have made the jokes that WoW players sound like people who have been in an abusive relationship and are only now realizing how abusive it was. But I think it is more than that. I think it is more like a child pleading to their alcoholic parent who keeps backsliding into the bottle, kind of like Thrudd and Thor in God of War: Ragnarok. I genuinely hope things get better for the WoW players.

  15. 14:36 I think your end game will be extremes and savages and maybe ultimates. Oh… and the RP community will be that rabbit hole you won't come out of. I'm going to sub so I can watch it happen. Lol

  16. Oh there’s lots of this in so called end game in FFXIV please don’t stress about it. I’ve been current with msq for years and play every day and have lots of fun. The game offers lots of activities you can choose to do. But the choice is the main thing about it you aren’t forced to do anything to stay so called up to date. Almost everything can be enjoyed at any time ❀


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