10 Most Epic Scholar Weapons – And How To Get Them in FFXIV

What is your favourite Scholar weapon?
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13 thoughts on “10 Most Epic Scholar Weapons – And How To Get Them in FFXIV”

  1. This video easily caught my attention due to Scholar being one of my favorite classes to play, and was my first choice to unlock when I first started FFXIV at the release of Stormblood. Thank you for making this video and I wanna say sorry cause I kinda stopped watching your videos for some reason even though your content is awesome. I'll be sure to start watching all your stuff again, so keep up the good work! ❤

  2. The see-through effect of the Ktiseos Codex is also found on the crafted 640 Diadochos Codex, ableit with a slightly different colourscheme (still the same black pages though).

  3. i have been using Omega Codex all this time for my scholar glam because how simple and unique the glow design is. but lately i've changed to Organum Anemos because how it portrays SCH's vibe as a whole (also fits more with arbatel relic glam)


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